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About Us

Pure Cabo – Defining Luxury Concierge Services

PureCabo is the result of over three decades combined experience in group event planning, destination management, public relations and marketing. We specialize in customizing any experience for a client – from special dietary needs, transportation, armed security, villa accommodations to fireworks, property drone footage, bilingual court recording, and child care services. There is not much we cannot source and handle with the proper time as a luxury concierge services provider for Cabo activity tours.

Edgar and Dwight - Pure Cabo Founders

Pure Cabo Founders Edgar & Dwight

Here is a small list of specific requests we’ve been able to accommodate to give you an idea of our capabilities providing luxury concierge services:

  • specific organic, grass-fed cow, non-homogenized whole milk
  • lot’s of gluten free, casein free, sugar-free, soy-free allergy specific foods
  • firework displays, pryro-letters and skywriting
  • chaperone “younger adults” around the nightlife with transportation and security
  • oversee and report on the safety of guests to family back home (partial or full day)
  • in-home/villa accommodations for sensory processing disorders
  • lot’s of extra iPads, Apple TV’s, cell phones, and screen replacements, chargers
  • drone footage in RAW format of properties and land with specific waypoints
  • rental of specific photo/video lens, camera model specific
  • group photos and event photos, color-corrected and printed next day, delivered
  • licensed court reporters
  • bilingual, translated and notarized depositions for foreign courts
  • legal resources for customers that encounter trouble while in Cabo
  • medication sourcing and health-related, medical tourism
  • childcare on-site and off-site
  • attend appointments and provide translation in conversation
  • vehicle delivery, insurance (personal, temporary and more)
  • virtual office with high-speed internet, video conferencing and desk use
  • armed security and general security
  • on-site hair, make-up, and seamstress
  • business research, legal and insurance sourcing
  • ….among countless others…..

We make sure our clients get exactly what they ask and hope for, taking their ideas and transforming them into a reality that will fulfill their most demanding requests. No matter if your group event is a small 10 person wedding on the beach or 1,500-person corporate retreat with activities, custom group dinners, and transportation – Pure Cabo luxury concierge services can handle it all.

If you need more information, would like to submit a RFP/RFQ (request for proposal) or a list of professional references please contact Pure Cabo online or visit us at:

Camino Del Colegio, Fraccionamiento Pedregal-Lot 79 MZA 42
Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. México  CP. 23453
HQ: 011 +52 1-624-130-6994  |  US 248-582-9239
edgar {at} purecabo.com

We Work With:

We Work With: