Cabo Dune Buggy Tour

Cabo Dune BuggyExperience our Cabo Dune Buggy tours with fully-automatic off-road machines which makes our tour safe and fun!

Explore the real Baja desert - the Migriño river bed and surroundings in this incredible guided tour. Our dune buggies can accommodate one person or two persons, and are fast too! We are the only tour of its kind offering 2 FULL hours of driving in the Baja desert, dry river beds (sometimes wet too) and through the vast hills and valleys of Cabo! Step on the gas, enjoy a thrilling ride until you reach the river’s delta where the desert merges with the Pacific ocean before you offering many amazing breath-taking views!


Baja Buggies Off-Road

Cabo Dune buggy is a family company built on a dream, to provide an Off-Road tour filled with adrenaline to visitors. Our Dune Buggies are equipped with a Kohler Pro 27 Engine with 400cc that are fast, but not crazy. They are a great family-friendly activity and kids as young as 6 can ride along with mom or dad.

Kids love this experience, perfect bonding for friends and family - book Cabo Dune Buggy tours with us online today!

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Cabo Dune Buggy Tour Details

  • Includes transportation to and from Cabo Dune Buggy from any resort or villa is included!
  • 2-hour racing tour of the Migrino sandy river bed making your way to Half Moon Canyon and TreeRock in the desert, then along the Pacific Ocean beach
  • We provided a bilingual guide, safety equipment, goggles, bandanas, and cold refreshments
  • Each Dune Buggy seat has a 4-point harness belt so you'll be strapped in safely
  • Each Baja Dune Buggy seats two people and can carry up to 535 lbs
  • Yes, any child 6 years or older are welcome when accompanied by an adult; sorry those with epilepsy, heart problems, are pregnant or have had recent surgeries are not permitted
  • Driver must present a valid drivers license from their native country; minimum driving age is 16 years old

Yes!  we can do private group tours. Yes, this is a family-friendly safe activity! Our location is just 20 minutes away from Cabo San Lucas Downtown and Round Trip Transportation is included from your Hotel. Let's do this!!


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