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Pure Cabo Helicopter Rentals
Pure Cabo Helicopter Rentals – photo credit: Balerina Films

Pure Cabo Helicopter Tours offers an extraordinary sky-high adventure over the stunning landscapes of Los Cabos, a destination that captivates discerning travelers and couples seeking an unforgettable experience. Our helicopter tour grants a unique perspective of Cabo San Lucas’s breathtaking scenery, including the famous “El Arco,” from a vantage point that is a rare privilege for most.

Embark on your exclusive helicopter journey in Cabo, taking off from the SJD International Airport, situated about 35 minutes from the heart of Cabo San Lucas. To enhance your experience, we provide the convenience of select private area landings for more personalized pick-ups and drop-offs. Additionally, we offer a central meeting point in Cabo, where a comfortable SUV or van will be ready to escort you to your next destination.

As you soar over the Cabo Corridor, at times just 150 feet above the ground, prepare to be awestruck by the panoramic views of downtown Cabo San Lucas marina, the iconic Cabo Arch, and the opulent Pedregal area, often likened to the ‘Beverly Hills of Baja Sur’ with its lavish multi-million dollar estates. Your flight encompasses a spectacular aerial tour of famed landmarks such as Medano Beach, Chileno Bay, Twin Dolphins, the Solaz Resort complex, and Palmilla, offering a perspective of Los Cabos that is truly unparalleled.

With Pure Cabo Helicopter Tours, you’re not just taking a flight; you’re embarking on a journey that showcases the best of Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas, and the surrounding areas. From the luxurious resorts to the pristine beaches and beyond, you’ll experience the beauty and grandeur of this Mexican paradise like never before.

Cabo San Lucas Helicopter Tours

Indulge in an exquisite aerial journey, tailor-made for a trio, spanning approximately one hour. At the forefront of aviation elegance in Los Cabos, we proudly offer flights aboard our state-of-the-art helicopters: the intimate Robinson 44 catering to three, or the more spacious Bell 505 accommodating up to five guests. These masterpieces of aviation design boast hydraulically-assisted flight controls for swift and secure navigation. Revel in the exhilaration of speeds up to 140 mph and ascend to majestic heights of 14,000 ft.

Each voyage is gracefully navigated by our certified pilots, who share intriguing anecdotes of the captivating Los Cabos terrains, illuminating notable landmarks beneath. To enhance this luxurious experience, all our esteemed guests are bestowed with noise-canceling headsets, ensuring effortless dialogue with the pilot and a rich multilingual narration throughout their journey.

Cabo San Lucas HelicopterPure Cabo can accommodate special requests as well – just ask!

  • Private tour of your selected location
  • Personal transport to local and distant locations
  • Pick-up or landing on select private locations and beaches
  • Tour of the Baja Sierra mountain ranges
  • Personal aerial photography of land, lots, homes, or yachts
  • Drop-in surprise proposal for that special someone?
  • Pick-up and landing at golf courses, beaches, and villas
  • Hourly rates – we can wait for your return too!

Helicopter Rentals for Events

Yes! We can help with aerial production and cinematography for major motion pictures. Need to follow a boat or vehicle? We can provide chase and spectator helicopters that are perfect for aerial filming and aerial photography.

This is the best Helicopter Ride Cabo San Lucas has to offer. It is an unforgettable experience when you want to enjoy the skies with that special someone. It is the safest solution to see Los Cabos from the perspective it deserves. Your private helicopter tour in Cabo will be the highlight of your vacation that you will never forget!

Los Cabos Helicopter Tours

To book we need the day and preferred time for your helicopter tour. We’ll check helicopter availability, and weather forecast, and determine the best options for your event. Contact us about a personalized concierge service helicopter tour or, if you want to Jet Set Los Cabos in a private plane!


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