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Electric Bike Cabo

Ride the mountains Electric Bike Cabo style!

Join us for this amazing adventure in a 3 hour tour along the Pacific Ocean coast. The tour begins with a briefing of the area and instructions on how to use your electric bike. These bikes are specifically designed to provide comfort and save the effort of pedaling constantly; with wide tires and electric motor it is easy to glide through the trails and even along the white sandy beach.

Explore Cabo's flora and fauna like never before; you will be able to get in touch with nature to a whole new level with spectacular views of the Baja outback. After the tour you will be rewarded with a cold refreshment at our camp, where you will be taught how to make authentic Margaritas and Molacajete Salsa, of course you will get to taste it all along with hand made quesadillas. Truly a unique experience.

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