Hangover IV Treatments in Cabo

The Cabo hangover IV treatments are available today in the heart of Cabo San Lucas. Too much partying? Our licensed doctor and trained nurses come to you - day or night, to help with IV therapy, complete rehydration therapy in Cabo San Lucas is a call away!

Need a cleanse? Does your body need nutritional support for a sickness? Cabo IV treatments are mobile and we'll bring our IV drip hydration straight to your hotel, villa, or rental property with administration provided by a registered bilingual nurse or doctor. All US-Based and Mexican HIPPA safety protocols are strictly adhered to.

Are IV Services available now?

Typically yes, they are. You can book now below. We will contact you immediately after to collect additional information and provide a time of arrival. Book IV Therapy Below or, request info for a future treatment session.

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Pure Cabo is one of the only licensed company's in Cabo San Lucas with licensed doctors and trained nurses administrating IVs to you. All of our IV drip services are brought directly to your hotel room or villa. We provide a top-of-the-line concierge service as you would expect.

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Hangover IV rehydration! Whether you're looking for an extra energy boost, a cleanse to remove toxins, or our signature After Party drip to reverse the effects of your hangover, our drips are the perfect concentration of nutrients and anti-oxidants. Cabo IV drip therapy is the only process that ensures 100% of its nutrients are absorbed.

Cabo Hangover IV Treatments

Medical Concierge

We are the only medical company in Cabo San Lucas with a licensed doctor and trained/certified nurses available to travel to your location.  You can trust that you'll receive exemplary care and treatment for all hydration-related services in the comfort of your room.

Off-Site Care

We understand it's not always easy to make it out of bed, so we offer IV Drip Therapy delivered straight to your hotel room, villa, or rental property with our doctor, certified bilingual nurse, and medical concierge.

On-Site Doctor Visits

Yes, we can bring a board-certified Doctor to your home, villa, or resort. Our on-site Cabo Doctor is available for all your urgent care needs and for prescriptions if necessary.


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