Cabo Tequila Tasting

Cabo Tequila Tasting

Discover the art of Cabo Tequila Tasting and Los Cabos Private Tequila Tasting, as well as the exquisite Cabo Mezcal Tasting experiences. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring these moments are nothing short of unforgettable. In Mexico, savoring the essence of “Mexican water” is a tradition, and there’s no better way to embrace it than by indulging in a private tequila and mezcal tasting in the opulent comfort of your Villa or Residence.

Our commitment to authenticity begins with our Maestro Tequilero, hailing from the heart of tequila production in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico. He’s your guide through the entire journey, unveiling the intricate processes of tequila and mezcal crafting, revealing the origins of the plants, the diversity of agave species, the art of flavor nuances, and the captivating histories behind each Tequila and Mezcal variety he presents. It’s a deep dive into the cultural heritage of Mexico.

For an elevated experience, consider enhancing the ambiance with the enchanting melodies of a live Mariachi band, perfectly complementing your tasting adventure and captivating your guests. Meanwhile, aficionados of fine cigars will appreciate our skilled cigar roller, who can craft exceptional creations on the spot, adding an extra layer of charm to your gathering. This ensemble of experiences transforms any occasion into a splendid celebration of Mexico’s rich traditions and flavors.

Mariachi Tequila Tasting

Explore 5-6 rare and limited batch tequila and mezcal in your villa or resort and even include a real Mariachi Band
– we bring everything to you!

We add in Mezcal to your event as well and have a definitive experience in Mexican hydration! You and your guests can get a lesson and education on proper consumption in the privacy of your villa or home. We bring in rare, limited batch tequila and mezcal’s from private producers on a regular basis to use exclusively at only our private events.

Cabo Mezcal Tasting

Cabo tequila TastingsThere are countless brands of Tequila in the market, however, some of the most delicious, pure and fine tequila is not presented in gold-plated bottles or has a fancy brand name and strong marketing campaigns. There are numerous families producing their own brands of tequila and that’s what you want to try, the authentic and traditional handmade spirits at your own private party.

The Maestro Tequilero brings bottles of different brands and types of Tequila for sampling. You get a history lesson and by the end know the differences between Blanco (silver), Joven (gold), Reposado (aged), Añejo (extra aged) and Extra Añejo (ultra-aged).  Pure Cabo can even make the experience more memorable by including a Cigar Roller at the same time for an exotic mix of flavors and a great time with friends.

Private Tequila Events

We create a complete customized atmosphere at your home, villa or an arranged location. Please fill out the form below to get information, availability, and pricing.


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