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About Cabo San Lucas Distance Travel MapCrystal blue waters and sugar-white beaches, to bustling towns and music ‘til dawn, experience paradise at any pace you choose. Cabo San Lucas has it all.

The Ocean is warm and calm. The Desert is green & tan. The Beaches are white and clean. The Peso is low, the Margaritas are chilled and there is guaranteed sunshine every day. The fishing is awesome, snorkeling and diving are world-class and the sea life is abundant. 

Cabo San Lucas or Cape Saint Luke, commonly called Cabo or Los Cabos, is a city at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. Cabo San Lucas together with San José Del Cabo and the East Cape is known as Los Cabos.

Cabo has been rated as one of Mexico’s top tourist destinations; it is known for its beaches, scuba diving locations, the arch El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, and marine life. The Los Cabos Corridor has become a heavily-visited destination for tourists, on holiday and year-round. In the past 5 years, the once-vacant corridor is now exploding with mega 5 Star Resorts.  There are numerous hotels and resorts along the coast between Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo.

Both towns, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo are full of rich history, as well as world-renowned bars, clubs, and restaurants. Cabos’ nightlife and cuisine are one of the main reasons people from all over the world visit this destination, along with its world-class golf courses and deep-sea fishing. Being 1-1/2 hours from southern California by plane has made Los Cabos a top choice getaway for movie stars and millionaires.

Is Cabo San Lucas safe?Is Los Cabos safe?

In 2013 the US State Department issued a general warning for the southern tip of the Baja peninsula that includes Los Cabos, San Jose del Cabo, the East Cape, and La Paz (Baja’s Capital city). This focuses largely on drug trafficking and roadway threats and applies to the entire country of Mexico. (read our blog post on “Is Cabo Safe?“) However, in a state-by-state assessment, no advisories were in effect for the area in which Cabo San Lucas is located. While this determines that the destination is relatively safe for U.S. citizens, it does not imply that there are no security concerns for visitors. When traveling anywhere use common sense and be aware of your surroundings. As of March  2019, the Los Cabos region has NO TRAVEL WARNINGS from the US Government.

Cabo San Lucas has several beaches on the Pacific side of the Baja  Peninsula. Riptides and rogue waves are common dangers for swimmers at these beaches. Generally, you are advised not to swim in the Pacific side of Cabo. In the Sea of Cortez, there is Médano Beach which is generally considered the safest beach in Cabo San Lucas. It also has a roped-off area to keep swimmers protected from boats and personal watercraft.

Medano Beach Cabo San LucasMedano Beach

Medano Beach is by far the most popular beach in Los Cabos, its full of restaurants, bars, and water activities. This is the place to go if you want to sit down and enjoy any sports game while having lunch or dinner with your family or friends. During the day, Medano Beach is full of water activities such as Wave Runners, FlyBoarding, Banana Rides, and Parasailing, just no mention a few. You can also catch here the Lands End Tour, which consists of a 40-minute Glass Bottom Boat ride that will take you around the rock formation, world-famous Lovers Beach, Sea Lion Colony, and Cabos landmark The Arch. Your tour guide will get you up close to smell the lovely Sea Lions, watch them lay around, and sometimes even play, then it’s the photo op of your vacation, the Arch as the background, the tour then proceeds to the Pacific Ocean side where you will immediately notice the difference in the water, wind, and temperature.

By night it becomes the center of Beach Nigh Life, as restaurants perform different types of contests and performances for their guests, you are guaranteed to find a different theme every night and even fireworks if you’re lucky! Medano Beach is located in Cabo San Lucas Downtown, just behind the Puerto Paraiso Shopping Mall. The only downside of this beach is the number of vendors that will approach you at any given time. Click here for Medano Beach Map Directions.

Lovers Beach & Divorce Beach @ El Arco

World-famous for being bathed by both the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, you can take a Water Taxi and spend the day at this magnificent beach. Come prepared with a cooler and snacks if you are staying for a while. You will arrive and depart from the Sea of Cortez side which is called Lovers Beach, you can snorkel there, swim, scuba, visit the Pelican Rock, maybe rent a kayak and if you are lucky you might get to see a sea lion. On the other side of this beach, which by the way is only a 5-minute walk away, you will find the Pacific Ocean. You won’t be allowed to swim as the swells are strong and people have actually drowned there. You might see a group of locals practicing Skim Board or Body Board. Enjoy the show and snap some pictures, but don’t go in the water. Click here for Lovers & Divorce Beach Map Directions.

Chileno Beach

Located in the Highway about 10 minutes from Cabo San Lucas heading towards San José del Cabo, Chileno is probably the most popular snorkeling bay in Cabo. You can get there by taxi, car or bus (5-minute walk from the highway bus stop) but come early. Chileno has some shaded areas (palapas) that are available to the public as a first-come-first-serve.

On holidays Chileno is a protected area that does not allow pets of any kind. You will find restroom services, snorkel gear, kayaks, bodyboards, umbrellas and chairs available for rent by the hour or the day. During your stay at Chileno Beach in Cabo, you will see many guided boat tours anchoring for their snorkel trip; perhaps you can also try a snorkeling activity if you want to enjoy the tour, open bar, and lunch service. The downside of Chileno is that there are no restaurants or bars near so, come prepared with water, snacks and a towel. You can bring a cooler, umbrellas, chairs and whatever your group needs for the visit, just make sure to leave this precisions gem the way you found it when you depart. Click here for Chileno Beach Map Directions.

Santa María Beach

Located on the main Highway less than 10 minutes away from Cabo San Lucas, Santa María Beach (Playa Santa Maris or Santa Maria Bay Cabo) is another great option for sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling. You can be sure to see the boat’s anchored there all day to let their passengers enjoy a refreshing swim. Santa Maria Beach has shaded areas that are available to the public, make sure to get there early to catch a palapa for that much-needed shade. On weekends and holidays, this beach is packed. There are also usually merchants to provide umbrellas, chairs, and chili mangos or Coco Frio’s for a small fee. You will also find kayaks and snorkeling gear for rent as well. If you are going to bring a cooler and drinks make sure to bring an empty bladder since Playa Santa Maria does not have any restrooms. Click here for Santa Maria Beach Map Directions.

About Cabo San LucasPalmilla Beach

Palmilla Beach is situated at the gateway of the esteemed One & Only Palmilla community, just 20 minutes from San José del Cabo en route to Cabo San Lucas. This Cabo/San Jose del Cabo beach offers tranquil waters suitable for family swimming. Palmilla boasts two beaches: a public one with limited parking (arrive early) and a private one exclusively for Palmilla guests. While charter boats and pangas are available for hire, there aren’t any kayaks or wave runners for rent. The beach becomes bustling on holidays and weekends, with vendors offering fresh food, beverages, and unique items. Click Here for Directions to Palmilla Beach in Cabo.

Costa Azul Beach

Costa Azul Beach in Cabo is famous among surfers; it´s only a 10-minute drive exiting San José del Cabo, heading towards Cabo San Lucas, 15 minutes from Cabo San Lucas. At Playa Costa Azul you will find Surf Lessons, Surf Board, or Paddle Board Rentals pretty much 7 days a week. Want a private or group surfing lesson? – those are available 7 days a week too! Costa Azul´s best swells are during the summer months. Don’t forget to stop at Zipper´s restaurant or Cochinita BBQ Food Truck on the highway for some refreshing beverages and lunch! Recently on August 31st, 2017 Costa Azul Beach was enlarged and expanded from Tropical Storm Lidia. Many arroyos brought a ton of sand down to the Sea of Cortez coastline expanding the landscape and creating new surf spots. Click Here for Directions to Costa Azul Beach in Cabo.

East Cape Beaches in CaboLa Playita Beach

La Playita is located in the Puerto Los Cabos area where you will find a long stretch of swimmable waters.  Most days you will find people shore-fishing and families relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. A major bonus is public restroom facilities as well as palapas and fishing charters. Some vendors may stop by to sell snacks and fruit but there are no restaurants nearby some pack a lunch. El Ganzo, the world-famous modern boutique hotel, and the restaurant is nearby and recommended. Click Here for Directions to La Playita Beach in Cabo.

Cerritos Beach

Cerritos Beach in northern Cabo is the area’s most popular surf spot for its amazing sets of waves, perfect for surfers from all levels. You will find surf lessons and board rentals. There are restroom facilities available at the famous Cerritos Beach Club, where you can sit and relax watching the waves. Cerritos is located on the Pacific Ocean side about 45 minutes away from Cabo San Lucas on the road to Todos Santos and La Paz. Getting here is easy if you have a rental car or previously hired surfing lessons with transportation included. Otherwise, it will be too expensive and troublesome to get there. Click Here for Directions to Cerritos Beach in Cabo.

Balandra Beach

Playa Balandra, classified as a national nature reserve is located 5 miles north of La Paz Downtown and is a total standout amongst the most beautiful shorelines of the Baja California SUR Peninsula. For many this is the most dreamed shoreline with shallow, crystal clear waters that extend for miles, perfect for kayak, stand up paddle and even swimming. The tide has a unique way of emptying out the entire bay then falling back as the day proceeds making the beach/shoreline extend hundreds of yards and slowly is taken back. This is a very family and kid-friendly beach – they will thoroughly enjoy the shallow warm waters and fine sand. At Playa Balandra most days you will find umbrellas, chairs, kayak and snorkeling gear available for rent.

There is usually a food truck there with drinks and snacks and fresh fruits however, there are no public restrooms. It is recommended that you bring gear and provisions prepared for a full day. (note: This is our editor’s #1 pick- thoroughly recommended to take a day trip or overnight from Cabo to La Paz, usually 2-hour car ride and very simple by rental car. Many places to stay overnight and we recommend Costa Baja – 5 minutes from Playa Balandra too.) Click Here for Directions to Balandra Beach in La Paz.

Snorkle Cabo PulumoCabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo Park is found only 60 miles northwest of Baja´s tourism epicenter, Los Cabos. This gem of the East Cape area of Baja California SUR extends five miles from the northernmost tip, Pulmo Point toward the southernmost tip, Los Brailes. Encompassed by undeveloped desert; the immaculate shorelines of Cabo Pulmo Park make way to a shallow inlet that supports one of three living reefs (the main hard coral reef) in North America

For a long time this valuable spot went unprotected, be that as it may, through the persevering efforts of the Cabo Pulmo Group, in 1995, the waters from Cabo Pulmo were assigned the title of National Marine Park, and has been protected waters ever since. Click here to view Directions to Cabo Pulmo Beach.


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