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Powered Paragliding

Wanna soar the Pacific Coastline of Cabo? Try our new two-person tandem powered paragliding Cabo tour!

There is no safer way to do it than with our power paragliding tour in Cabo. After a brief 10-minute safetyTandem Powered Paragliding Cabo instruction, you will be ready to fly tandem with our Certified Professional Pilots. It begins with a short sprint on the beach. Now,  you will begin ascending to up to 1,000 ft. (depending on weather and wind conditions). What to expect? Stunning coastline scenery and mountain ranges await you in this unforgettable experience. You’ll enjoy the freedom of flying like a bird through the air.

Tandem Powered Paragliding Cabo

Our tandem powered paragliding tours are mostly 25 to 35-minute custom flights, our primary location is “Migriño Beach” just 20-minute drive from Cabo San Lucas, towards Todos Santos. Special location and flight requests are welcome, let us know as we also fly in the East Cape and near La Paz.

We also offer a sunset tandem powered paragliding tour over the never-ending Pacific ocean. It is an amazing sight and no better experience a Baja sunset than from the sky.

We’ll take you up while the sun is still up so you can see the famous coast with its pristine beaches. It’s a breathtaking sight!

Safety is our #1 concern – always.  Our tandem powered para-gliders are equipped with a reserve parachute and complete floating device in the event of an emergency.

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Yes! Children Can Tandem Powerglide in Cabo

Child Power Paragliding Los Cabos

There are no age restrictions however, you must be able to fit into the harness safely and meet the weight requirements. We recommend 85 lbs and up to 200 lbs. Have a smaller person but think they might fit our tandem powered paragliding tour? Call us to discuss. This ensures an extraordinary site-seeing tour around Baja California SUR.

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