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Locomotion Fiesta Bike

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Why not pedal with 14 old or new friends on this incredible journey in Todos Santos along with the Locomotion Fiesta Bike Crew!

We'll pick you up at your hotel in Cabo and take you on the highlight of your vacation! Arriving in Todos Santos, our Locomotion crew will be ready to welcome you and give you a briefing of the adventure ahead while pedaling the beautiful colonial streets of Todos Santos admiring its architectural style.

Locomotion Fiesta Bike, one of a kind in Mexico!

The highlights of our ride are:

  • Visit the local Museum
  • An exhibition from Mexican artisans from the state of Oaxaca on an ancient technique to make blankets
  • Wine tasting of 3 different wines from the Valle de Guadalupe in Northern Mexico
  • Cooking class and lunch, you will learn to make tortillas and Pico de Gallo sauce
  • Tequila tasting along with traditional Mexican candies
  • Make your own Mojito lesson
  • Organic ice cream and popsicles with hundreds of flavors

What are you waiting for? Book now your Eco Friendly adventure with Locomotion Fiesta Bike and let the good times roll!

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