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Cabo Activities Age 12+

Kids Activities in Cabo Ages 12+

Kids Activities in Cabo 12 Years Old +You are coming to Cabo and have a teenager who is 12 years or older? We have a number of kids activities in Cabo for those 12 years and older.

Maybe your child is in drivers training, maybe they have purple hair – no matter they rule the world and you know they want to have fun! Help them experience some fun in Cabo and we have many safe, appropriate Kids activities for them. They remain safe and have fun while your family appreciates the experience for all!

Family Activities in Cabo for Kids 12 Years & Older

Cabo Dolphin Discovery – Kids over 12 love swimming with the dolphins. Most anyone would! visiting Los Cabos. There are two different centers – one in Cabo San Lucas and one in San Jose del Cabo to enjoy with your child. All safety materials including wetsuit, safety instruction is included and total private sessions are also available for your child and the whole family too.

ATV Desert Tour – About 30 minutes North of Cabo San Lucas is the desert and the pristine Pbeaches beaches where you and your kids can explore on automatic ATV’s. Under 12 years old your child can ride with you on this safe and fun tour.

Banana Boat Tour – Jump on the awesome banana tube for an exciting ride in the Sea of Cortez. This is a great family activity to play around in the ocean together. *age, size & swimming restrictive*

Kids Activities in Cabo 12 Years Old +Cabo Dune Buggy – Race across the Cabo desert in a real dune buggy (riding shotgun with your parent at the wheel). You’ll run through the dry river beds, in the mountains, and along the Pacific beaches for over 2 hours!

City Tours – Embrace a rich education and see sites most vacationers don’t in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and in Todos Santos.

Camel Tours – This is an amazing safari and educational experience that can accommodate children as young as 6 when with their parent. You’ll ride a real camel in the desert along the Pacific Ocean.

Cabo Glider – race across the famous “El Arco” along the Pacific and Sea of Cortez on this winged, powered glider. *age, weight and size restrictive*

Electric Bike Tour – Explore the Baja desert and Pacific beach on this fun family tour. No worries the bikes are electric and we’ll provide all the safety gear, history, and refreshments too!

Fishing – Known as the Marlin capital of the world you’ll have the chance to take a 1/2 or full-day sports fishing trip and a chance to wrangle a large marlin, dorado, tuna or wahoo in the Pacific Ocean.

FlyBike /X-JetPack / JetBlade – Be propelled by the water and fly through the air while doing stunts and taking in elevated views of the popular Medano Beach. *age, height restrictive*

Jeep Off Road Tour – Fun, full day trip to Cerritos and Todos Santos – made for three passengers and you get your own guide!

Kayak Cabo – This is a great family adventure with multiple locations in Cabo to kayak, swim, and snorkel on these tours. *weight, size dependent*

Hiking Adventure – Spend the better part of a day hiking the Cabo outback and learn about the local ecology and see many areas never experienced by the average tourist. Family fun activity!

Horseback Riding – Along a few different Cabo beaches and in the outback of the Baja you’ll ride in a group led by a bilingual guide.

Paddle Boarding – Your kid will love cruising along the Cabo marine tour to Lands End and “El Arco” to see the sea lion colony and take a dip in the Sea of Cortez. This is a SUP (Stand-Up Paddle boarding) activity they will jsut love with Mom or Dad!

Pairsailing Cabo

Parasailing – Explore Medano Beach and the Sea of Cortez from above. Go solo or with a family member or friend on a life-changing experience. *age, size restrictive*

Pirate Boat Tour – A-hoy! Set sail on a real replica pirate ship for a day of snorkeling or sunset tour. Perfect for small and younger children pour tours include a meal and interactive pirate show. All children love this tour!

Polaris Off-Road RZRs – Experience the speed and excitement of a 2 or 4 passenger mini off-road. Ride shotgun with your parents and enjoy the desert, Baja mountains, and Pacific beaches.

Sailboat Tour – There are a variety of sailboat tours along the famous Arch, on the Pacific and Sea of Cortez any young child would love to do with their family.

Submarine Tour – Take a dive underwater and see marine life from below or on our deck along the famous Arch in the Sea of Cortez. Great family activity!

Scuba Dive Cabo – Have your certification and want to experience the amazing marine life Cabo has to offer? Maybe you’d like to get a taste of scuba diving and some instruction/ Make it a family experience too! *age, health restrictions*

Scooters – Yes- if you are over 16 years old and have a license you can rent a scooter by the hour or day and cruise around Cabo San Lucas!

Bungee Jump in CaboSea Lion Tour – A once-in-a-lifetime experience as you tour to an isolated island in La Paz where the sea lions live and breed. You’ll have an opportunity to swim with, snorkel or simply enjoy from the boat! This is a great family experience. *certain times of year*

Shark Tour – Ride along in the boat and experience the many sharks out in their natural habitat in the Pacific Ocean. *swimming age restrictive*

Sky Dive Cabo – yes, that is jumping out of a plane at over 10,000 ft, above the Sea of Cortez and landing near Medano Beach. Certifications for jumpers accepted otherwise it’s a tandem jump. *age, weight and size restrictions*

Snorkeling Tours – There are a variety of tours aimed for families with children that include all safety gear, instruction that includes food and beverages. There is the Pirate boat tour regular snorkeling tour and both are great activities to get younger kids in the water and experience the marine life below. *swimming age restrictive*

SNUBA Tour – Similar but way easier than scuba diving – its SNUBA diving! You have a facemask and complete supply of air from above on the boat. Awesome family-fun activity.  *age, size restricted*

Spearfishing – Explore the amazing reefs along the Sea of Cortez, the Pacific and other bays close by. You’ll free-dive and be armed to hunt and spear fish!

Sunset Tours – There are a variety of family-oriented sunset tours along the famous Arch, on the Pacific and Sea of Cortez. Some include music, a live Latin dancing show and many include meals and beverages.

Surfing Lessons – Perfect, fun younger child activity. Our instructors teach them how to surfing works and takes them out to experience their first wave! *age, size and swimming restrictions*

Zip line Kids Activities in Cabo 12 Years Old +Tarzan Boat Tour – Available by the hour or in 3-hour activity tours, the Tarzan Boat is a bunch of fun. You’ll have access to a platform off the beach to jump, swing and bounce into the ocean. Young adults and parents alike love to visit the Tarzan Boat and are never disappointed.

Wave Runners – Jump on a race around the Sea of Cortez on a fast wave runner (most, when accompanied by an adult). One of the best family activities in Cabo by far! *age, size and swimming restriction*

Cabo Water Park – Just a short drive outside of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo sits an amazing water park made for families. Your young child will enjoy shallow, safe pools, slides, and tons of shade. Clean bathrooms and refreshments available as well.

Whale Shark Tour – Enjoy an amazing boat ride and get a chance to swim with these amazing whale sharks. *day trip, age, size restrictive*

Zipline Adventure – Cabo San Lucas Zip Line – fly across Mexico’s longest, highest, and fastest zipline in Cabo – as well as many other exciting zip lines and fun activities for the family. *size restrictive*

Cabo Activities for Ages 5 & Under Years Old

Cabo Activities for Ages 6-12 Years and Older

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