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Skydive Cabo

Want to feel the rush of jumping out of a plane? Want to make it happen while your vacationing in Cabo? Look no more. We provide top quality service with the newest gear, safety tested everyday. Skydive is life!

Skydive with us today!

Our Certified Professional SkyDive instructors will make sure you have an unforgettable time, Skydive in Cabo San Lucasthey have thousands of hours of flight time and are hands down total experts. Where do you take off? Right from the local Cabo Airport, and YES! Yes, you land right on the beach, Medano Beach to be precise.

This adrenaline rush will be a freeing adventure you will never forget, prepare for the 3, 2, 1 countdown as you fly above the beautiful Cabo San Lucas coastline for a 40 second FREE FALL and 5 minute canopy glide!

For logistics purposes we can only take 2 people at a time on Tandem Jumps which gives us a 1.5 hour window in between jumps, please Contact us first to set up a schedule that suits your party!

We Work With:

We Work With: