Independence from Spain

Today, September 16th, Mexico celebrates the country’s independence from Spain. This year 2020 it will be 199 years since Mexico’s war for independence ended. The Mexican war for independence from Spain began in 1810 and finished in 1821, this was a decade long war where there were many failures until finally, the country was able to be set free from Spain. 

Miguel Hidalgo y CostillaIn 1810 the first cry for independence happened when a catholic priest named Miguel Hidalgo gave a moving speech to the town of Dolores, where he moved many people and being led by Hidalgo they made their first attempt towards the country’s independence and failed. Hidalgo was ejected by the church as a priest and he was later beheaded. (So, is Cabo safe?)

Another priest named José María Morelos, after seeing the attempt of Hidalgo, also tried to attempt a move for independence but failed as well, this also led to his beheading. 

After a long time of trying finally in 1821, Agustin de Iturbide, a Spanish-supporting soldier helped the Mexican people and became the leader of the Mexican Independence movement. He walked into Mexico City with their troops and took over the capital and finally after so many years declared the country’s independence. Iturbide became the first emperor of Mexico but his system failed and Mexico became a democratic nation. This made Guadalupe Victoria the first Mexican President. 

When does the celebration begin? 

The country’s celebration of independence begins on September 15th, with  “El Grito” that happens every year,  minutes before independence day arrives on the 16th. “El Grito” Symbolizes “El Grito de Dolores” (The Cry of Pain). This day all of the Political leaders of the Mexican community lead and invite them to remember and celebrate all the heroes of Mexico’s independence movement. During this time the President of the Mexican Republic will hold the Mexican flag up high and say “Viva Mexico” followed by all the other politicians in Mexico the nation later sings the national anthem in honor of their country.


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