Is All-Inclusive Worth It in Cabo?

Should you go “all-inclusive” in Cabo, Mexico? Going this route can sound tempting for an upcoming San Lucas trip. All-inclusive vacations are very popular, especially with U.S. tourists, thanks to this traveling method’s convenience and money-saving potential.

Not needing to worry about vacation costs is a stress reliever, but does all-inclusive really work like that? We examine the pros and cons of all-inclusive travel in the beautiful Cabo San Lucas area.

What Does All-Inclusive Mean?

All-inclusive trip options let you enjoy everything a hotel or resort offers without spending extra. So, rather than paying separately for your accommodation, meals, and entertainment, you pay a fixed rate that includes all meals, drinks, and on-site activities or facilities. True all-inclusive deals shouldn’t have extra charges, whether using the minibar or taking your kids out for a kayaking session. 

The biggest advantage is being able to budget for your Cabo San Lucas vacation. You know exactly how much you’ll spend while in Cabo. In theory, you won’t need to pay a dime more than the price you pay at the start of your all-inclusive vacation.

Who Best Suits All-Inclusive Deals? 

All-inclusive deals can be great for families with small kids. Typically, all the different activities — for example, snorkeling, dance classes, yoga, or beach volleyball — can add up, especially if charged by the hour or even half-hour. All-inclusive can save money if you know there are things you’ll want to do as a family that will cost more if purchased separately.

Medano Beach Cabo San Lucas

Adult-only large groups and budget travelers can likewise benefit from all-inclusive traveling. This cost-effective option could even save awkwardness when splitting dinner or lodging bills.

Even luxury travelers get something from going all-inclusive. This method may be the way to go if you want a super-chilled vacation at your luxury resort, where you don’t leave the hotel grounds and spend most of your time poolside sipping a cool drink. Also, if looking for restaurants at dinnertime isn’t your thing, you can enjoy pre-paid dinners at your resort and eliminate the potential stress.

Is All-Inclusive Worth It in Cabo? 

The answer is: it depends on what type of vacation you want. All-inclusive deals can be excellent for people who want plenty of downtime. However, these vacations may not be the best option for those who feel a little more adventurous. For example, if you plan to leave your resort one evening to explore the local culture, you’ll spend extra on dinner that night. Also, all-inclusive may be too restrictive if you like immersing yourself in local cuisine and exploring a coastal city at night.

Finally, some activities and services won’t appear in an all-inclusive deal. Consider how Pure Cabo offers the opportunity to hire a bodyguard or a chef service. A bodyguard can bring peace of mind if you want to explore an unfamiliar area outside of Cabo, while chef services are helpful if you hire a boat for the day and need someone to prepare your meals. What if you’re feeling active? You may be tempted to hire a dune buggy or go sport fishing. Pure Cabo offers all these services, but you won’t find them in an all-inclusive deal.

The choice is always yours. Only you know how active you want your vacation to be and what activities you find most attractive. And that’s the amazing thing about vacations: you do you!


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