Weed Legal in Cabo by December 2020?

The Supreme Court (SCJN) ruled that laws forbidding the use of marijuana are unconstitutional last fall. In September they gave lawmakers until December 15th to draft new legislation for the recreational use of marijuana. The SCJN had an April deadline for legalization but extended it due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mexico justice and legislative studies commissions will reconvene in the coming days to plot the path toward legalization.

The Mexican Senate will likely vote on a bill to legalize marijuana within the next two weeks, the chamber’s majority leader recently said. This is good news for Mexico and great news for tourist destinations like Cabo San Lucas.

Cannabis legal in MexicoWe are expecting a law legalizing the recreational use of cannabis and allowing regulated private companies to sell it to be approved this year.

How will you buy weed in Cabo?

How will this all work? We are waiting to find out. (we reported on this back in 2019)

Essentially so far Dutch-style cannabis cafes won’t be allowed. Private sales at regulated dispensaries and distribution centers will. We are hoping it will be easy for you to order online and have it delivered to your resort or villa.

Miguel Ángel Mancera of the Democratic Revolution Party and Jesusa Rodríguez of the Citizens Movement party along with other Senators approve the legalization of marijuana in Mexico. It’s really down to a difference of opinion among lawmakers that needs to get settled. How much can a person legally possess and grow for recreation or medical purpose. There is high confidence that a consensus can be reached by December.

Mexico’s large population and strong tourism will make them one of the biggest markets in the world for Cannabis. Another important factor is the social impact. No longer will a Mexican die or have legal issues because of their involvement with marijuana. Most businessmen in the cannabis industry and workers want to operate legally. However, there is expressed fear as some are concerned that rules for both the medicinal and recreational sectors will favor big firms. Small-scale farmers and distributors want to join the legal sector of the cannabis opportunity in Cabo.

Opposition on Cannabis in Mexico

The civil rights group México Unido outlined its concerns about the current proposal in a Twitter thread on Tuesday, contending that as drafted it would allow select companies to monopolize the industry. They said that amending the measure should be “a matter of distributing the benefits of the market among those who have been most affected” by cannabis criminalization, according to a translation.

Cannabis legal in Mexico

The legalization bill that’s set to advance this coming session was revised during a joint meeting of the Justice, Health, Legislative Studies, and Public Safety Committees in March.

The proposal would allow adults 18 and older to possess and cultivate marijuana for personal use. Individuals could grow up to 20 registered plants as long as the total yield doesn’t exceed 480 grams per year. Medical patients could apply to cultivate more than 20 plants, however.

Legal personal possession would be capped at 28 grams, but possession of up to 200 grams would be decriminalized.

Cannabis legal in MexicoHelping Kids with Cannabis

Cannabis legal in Mexico – Current regulation in Mexico for cannabis doesn’t favor most of the ones wanting it. The cultivation of medicinal marijuana for personal use is prohibited under the proposed regulations.  This means smaller farmers need to go into business with pharmaceutical companies. This is because a smaller farmer doesn’t have the capacity to conduct cannabis product trials.

Mexico has many parents that want to use medical cannabis to treat disabilities, like autism. The current regulation does not help. There is a lack of social justice rights and the legal worry of home-grown weed, cultivation, and processing into oils are out of reach for many. On the flip side, those in medical regulations state that medicine, even if made from cannabis needs to have safety, quality, and efficiencies to protect the public consumer.

December is fast approaching and is the traditionally busy holiday then Spring Break season in March. The pandemic hit Los Cabos hard financially and a new law legalizing marijuana in Mexico may help the region to recover quicker.


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