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Baja Jeep Tour

Live the REAL Baja Outdoors with our Baja Jeep Tour!

Baja is world famous for many features, including Off-Road Tours and World-Class Races. In the Southern Baja region also known as Land’s End there are plenty of areas accessible by Jeep. Our tour focus in giving the best experience in Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos and East Cape areas.

Get behind the wheel of a 4×4 Jeep! Our certified tour guides ride along with you in the Jeep providing full background information and historic details of each area. If you are not comfortable driving but still want to join, our Baja Jeep Tour Guides will drive for you!

We’ll stop at popular local restaurants for a true local culinary experience, take walks on the beach, along rivers and even jump from a waterfall (seasonal).

Have a large family trip? Contact us for a private tour!

We Work With:

We Work With: