Cabo Airport Lost & Found Services

Need to get ahold of the Los Cabos Airport lost and found? Have you traveled recently to the Los Cabos Airport and accidentally left behind items in security, at the gate, or on the plane? Did you misplace an item, luggage, laptop, or passport? You are probably already back home and want to get your item back, right? (did you get travel insurance for your trip to Cabo? It may be covered!) Pure Cabo specializes in reuniting owners and their property left in Los Cabos.

You’ve probably tried to contact the Los Cabos Airport and received no communication from them. You called and called and no answer, right? What are your options to get your belongings back from the Los Cabos Airport lost and found?

Recovering Lost and Found Items

Losing an item on vacation at the height of COVID-19, strict security, and rushing to your plane causes oversight.  Don’t blame yourself, it happens to travelers every day at SJD. While it’s an unfortunate circumstance, we can possibly help get your lost item back to you. The good news is passengers can return to the Cabo Airport to pick up their item or may approve someone else, in writing, to do so in a specific process. Items can be shipped back to the owner at the owner’s expense.

The process required by Pure Cabo is as follows:

  • collect information about your item
  • description of where lost/left
  • steps you’ve already taken, whom you’ve spoken to, and when
  • proof of travel
  • proof of ownership (receipt, invoice, etc. to match the identification of item)

Once we receive this information from the form below we will contact the airport to learn about your lost item, if it’s been found and the steps we need to get possession and return it to you.


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