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Jetsurf Cabo

Jetsurf Cabo - Motorized Surf Board

Jetsurf has moved to La Paz, it is still available!

Cabo is known for the best activities available worldwide, therefore it comes as no surprise Jetsurf decided to open this amazing family activity in Cabo San LucasJetsurf Family Time.

This cool Jetsurf activity allows you to have a blast through the water while you try all sorts of stunts and cool tricks. It´s the only one of its kind in Cabo! JetSurf power boards have been developed with extreme care to minimize environmental impact, are super-easy to learn, safe and a great time!

Using the most advanced technology, engineers have reduced the total weight of the JetSurf power board and accessories to 14 kg, or 30 lbs. The feel, the performance of the Jetsurf Cabo board is very close to a regular surfboard.

You will be greeted by Professional Certified Instructors who will explain with detail the functionality of the board, its components, and simple hacks to have the time of your life.

With this 15-minute power training, you´ll be riding just like the Pros! You will be able to ride at a speed of up to 40 kph or 25 mph with its 90 cc Ultra performance motor.

Jetsurf Couples RetreatPrepare yourself for the challenge and enjoy the beauty of Cabo San Lucas on a whole different level!

Jetsurf Cabo is an exclusive activity. Contact us before booking if you require further details or have any special requests.

Want to purchase your own board? Get in touch, we can help you!

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