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Cabo JetPack

Cabo FlyBoard, Cabo FlyBike & X-JetPack Adventure

The action happens at Medano Beach in downtown Cabo, our experienced and certified instructors will guide you through this amazing experience. It all starts with a brief safety instruction demonstration and equipment to then proceed to gear up. It is a safe, fun and one in a lifetime experience that is easy to learn and anyone can do it. We can accommodate single flyers, or families and even groups. It will be your own private adventure right in the Sea of Cortez in Cabo San Lucas near the Arch.

Cabo FlyBike

Just like its name says, this is a bicycle that is propelled by a jet thrust motor, but you feel likeFlyBike in Cabo you're on a bike. It's even easier to maintain your balance and in the water turn and do all kinds of pirouettes. This is the perfect activity for those looking for thrills and refreshing plunges in the Sea of Cortes.

Our certified instructors will make sure you have the time of your life!


Cabo X-JetPack

X-JetPack fun in Cabo

X-JetPack is one of the newest and coolest water activities in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

It's a propulsion pack located on the back, which uses a water motor that allows you to fly, submerge yourself in the water and come out again and continue to spin and fly. Feel the rush as you play in Medano Bay, our certified instructors will guide you step by step into freedom!

Come and live this experience with us!


Cabo Flyboard in Los Cabos, Mexico


You will get a 1 on 1 instructional session with our certified guides, we provide you with a life jacket, helmet and wet-suit (in winter) season so all you need to bring is a sense of adventure to make this an unforgettable experience! We can even rent you a GoPro video camera to capture the moments forever.

Contact Pure Cabo to make your reservations today!

***Duration of each session varies according to selected package.
***Price is per person; for couples, family or groups please contact us to get special discounted pricing.

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