• HQ: 011 +52 1-624 130 6994
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Contact Pure Cabo in Los Cabos, Mexico

Our goal is to ensure that travelers from around the world have a one of a kind experience while visiting us in Cabo San Lucas. We are happy to answer any questions regarding our services for activities, event management, marketing and web design and development. Please contact Pure Cabo for more help or visit Pure Cabo in person:

  • Phone:

    MX HQ: 011 +52 624-130-6994 M/F 9-5
    MX Cell: 011 +52 624-169-5302 After Hours
    IN USA: 248-582-9239 MTN 9-5 M/F
  • Email:
  • Address:
    Camino Del Colegio, Fraccionamiento Pedregal
  • Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. México  CP. 23453

To call Mexico from the United States or Canada:

  1. Enter your country’s Code. For the United States and Canada this will be 011
  2. Then enter the Country Code. Mexico’s Country Code is 52
  3. Then enter the telephone number with Area Code.

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We Work With: