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Cabo Baby Gear Rentals

Cabo Baby Gear Rentals

Cabo Baby Gear RentalsLos Cabos is a vacation paradise and a great family destination. When traveling with infants and toddlers you have a number of things to worry about. Now add in international travel on an airplane and staying in a resort, villa or home having to bring along all the accessories. In comes Cabo baby gear rentals. No more wondering if the transportation will have a baby car seat. Strollers? What about a stroller (since you really didn’t want to check your’s on the plane)? Will a baby crib or height chair be available where I stay? Are they safe and clean? What can I bring to the Los Cabo Family Fun Park?

Parents need a break too and starting a family vacation tradition shouldn’t be a hassle. This is another reason why as Cabo concierge’s we offer baby gear, of all kinds as a rental.

Cabo Baby HighchairWe have access to or actually stock the following items and make them available for rental on a daily basis:

  • baby cribs
  • baby car seats
  • baby strollers
  • baby highchairs
  • baby and infant tubs
  • baby beach tents
  • baby gyms
  • baby jumpers/bouncers
  • baby portable video sound/video monitors
  • infant feeding booster seats
  • toddler full car seats
  • toddler booster car seats
  • toddler strollers
  • jogging strollers
  • double strollers
  • bed guards
  • safety gates
  • training potty seats/toilet seats

We rent baby gear in the Baja and are available for delivery and pick-up 7 days a week. Each item is charged a per-day fee. In to your rental, we charge an additional small fee for delivery and cleaning. Yes, we can deliver and pick-up at any resort, hotel or villa in Los Cabos.

Cabo Baby Gear Rentals – Safe & Clean

Cabo Baby Toddler Crib RentalsFor Cabo baby gear rentals safety is our #1 concern as it is for any parent. We always check for recalls and verify all products are clean and in working order before every delivery.

Always book Pure Cabo baby gear in advance and we’ll do the best to meet your needs (this includes acquiring specific items that you need). If you don’t see it listed call or email and ask us – chances are we know where to get this for your vacation. Contact us online or call us for a custom quote.

Remember, there are so many things to do in Cabo with your young child!

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We Work With: