Best Ways to Travel Mexico From Cabo To La Paz

Cabo San Lucas is one of the perfect vacation destinations you can imagine. With balmy weather and warm seas for swimming, people love this area for plenty of reasons. Not only do you get all the fun and activities of Cabo when you’re here, but you can also check out other towns, like La Paz. This picturesque capital of Baja California Sur features stunning beaches and historical areas to explore.

Getting to La Paz from Cabo

How can you visit La Paz from Cabo San Lucas? It’s not that difficult if you have the right transportation.

The trip is roughly 2 hours and is on well-kept roads that are quite safe to travel. It’s usually easiest to have someone else drive you simply because driving in Mexico is slightly different. If you prefer to avoid the stress of figuring out where you’re going, you’ll want someone else to do the driving.

Why Should You Visit La Paz?

Despite being the capital of this region, La Paz is a city that feels like a village. The atmosphere differs from Cabo San Lucas and can be a fun change. While Los Cabos is designed to be an adventure for visitors, La Paz immerses you in the local Mexican culture.

Cabo San Lucas Transportation

There are several beaches to check out while you’re in La Paz, but the most popular one is Balandra Beach. The beautiful blue water is enticing, but you’ll also find a gravity-defying rock formation that features in many Instagram photos. You can enjoy sunbathing or swimming (though the water is chilly in winter) or go kayaking in the bay.

Is Uber an Option?

Back home, you probably think nothing of ordering an Uber or Lyft to head somewhere. That’s not the case in Mexico.

Due to some unpleasant interactions between Uber drivers and passengers, it may not be the best idea to travel with them. Uber, DIDI, and Lyft are not permitted in the airport, either, so you’ll need to walk to the highway if you choose to use these services.

In Cabo, any Uber or other ride-share vehicle can be stopped by law enforcement. They often require passengers to leave the vehicle as a safety precaution, leaving them stranded. That’s the last thing you want on your vacation, so be sure to take a reputable transportation company.

Cabo to La Paz: Transportation Options

Trying to plan a day trip to La Paz? There are several ways to get there, even without resorting to Uber or a public taxi.

Public Bus

This is the cheapest way to get there, but it’s also the least comfortable. Buses tend to travel slowly, so your two-hour journey will stretch out much longer. Bus stations are also iffy in terms of safety, as they are a haven for pickpockets.

Rental Car

As mentioned previously, you can rent a vehicle and venture out on your own, but this can be problematic. You should also keep in mind that your credit card and car insurance may not cover insurance in Mexico, which drastically increases costs.

Shared Shuttle

Trying to keep costs down but don’t want to ride the public bus? Jump on the SJD Cabo shuttle and get a ride to La Paz with a handful of other people. It’s an economical yet comfortable way to travel between the cities, and you’ll be returned to the Cabo Airport on the way home. This is the best choice if you plan to spend the night in La Paz, as the shuttle returns in the morning.

Medano Beach Cabo San Lucas

Private Bus

Traveling with a large group? Why not just rent a private bus to take you to your destination? You’ll travel comfortably with an experienced bus driver, and you’ll have pickup when needed. Pure Cabo offers this service.

Private Car

Pure Cabo also provides private car services so you can travel with a friend or a couple of family members in the comfort of a smaller vehicle. You’ll be safe and comfortable and get to La Paz with plenty of time to explore. The driver can take you wherever you like and is at your service throughout the day.

Mexico is such a beautiful country that it would be a shame only to see one tiny part of it. When visiting Los Cabos, you’ll definitely want to spend some time exploring the nearby towns. La Paz is a great day trip, so why not take the time to go on an adventure?

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