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Tequila Tasting

Private Tequila Tasting in your Villa or Home

When in Mexico it’s almost a tradition to drink tequila, what better way to do it than a private tequila tasting experience in theTequila Tasting Party comfort of your Villa or Residence? PureCabo provides everything for the best possible experience, our Maestro Tequilero (Tequila Master) from Tequila, Jalisco will explain the making process, plant origin, type, flavor and even the complete historical background of the family who produces each Tequila he presents.

Why stop there? Add Mezcal tasting as well and have a definitive experience in Mexican hydration!

There are countless brands of Tequila in the market, however, some of the most delicious, pure and fine tequila is not presented in gold plated bottles or has a fancy brand name and strong marketing campaigns. There are numerous families producing their own brands of Tequila and that’s what you want to try, the authentic and traditional hand made Tequila at your own tequila tasting party.

The Maestro Tequilero brings bottles of different brands and types of Tequila for sampling, to make the experience even a more memorable one you can have a Cigar Roller at the same time for an exotic mix of flavors and a great time with friends.

Contact us about a private tequila and mezcal tasting event.

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