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Cabo Activities for Kids

Family Activities Tours in Cabo 1-5 Years Old

Are you coming to Los Cabos soon and looking for some fun activities or family tours to go on? Which activity can your children go on safely? What are the available Los Cabos excursions, and how old does my child need to be?

Cabo Tarzan Boat - Child FriendlyWe’ve made a simple and easy-to-read list of popular Cabo activities and sorted them by minimum ages to participate and level of activity.

Many families come to Los Cabos for the warm weather, picturesque safe beaches and memories to create. No matter, there is a great diversity of activities available for you to enjoy and experience.

Cabo Activities for 1-5 Years Old

Cabo Dolphin Discovery – this is a suitable and wonderful experience for any child when visiting Los Cabos. There are two different centers – one in Cabo San Lucas and one in San Jose del Cabo to enjoy with your child. All safety materials including wetsuit, safety instruction is included and total private sessions are also available.

Submarine Tour – Take a dive underwater and see marine life from below or on our deck along the famous Arch in the Sea of Cortez. Great family activity!

Pirate Boat Tour – A-hoy! Set sail on a real replica pirate ship for a day of snorkeling or sunset tour. Perfect for small and younger children pour tours include a meal and interactive pirate show. All children love this tour!

Kids Cabo Submarine TourSwimming & Snorkeling Tours – There are a variety of tours aimed for families with children that include all safety gear, instruction that includes food and beverages. There is the Pirate boat tour regular snorkeling tour and both are great activities to get younger kids in the water and experience the marine life below.

Tarzan Boat Tour – Available by the hour or in 3-hour activity tours, the Tarzan Boat is a bunch of fun. You’ll have access to a platform off the beach to jump, swing and bounce into the ocean. Young adults and parents alike love to visit the Tarzan Boat and are never disappointed.

Cabo Water Park, Los CabosCabo Water Park – Just a short drive outside of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo sits an amazing water park made for families. Your young child will enjoy shallow, safe pools, slides, and tons of shade. Clean bathrooms and refreshments available as well.

Cabo Activities Ages 6-12 Years Old

Cabo Activities Ages 12 Years and Older

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