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Web Design, SEO & SEM

Cabo Web Design, SEO & Social Media Marketing

From a small business “start-up” that needs a simple web presence to a large company that is looking to expand and integrate custom software PureCabo and their partner Trademark Productions (CaboWebDesign.com) have over 15 years of experience and portfolio to meet your requirements and are a Google Certified Partner.

Google Certified Partner

Website Design & Web Redesign or E-Commerce Websites
We understand the demanding needs of all size businesses and can speak in your language be it English, Spanish or both. With our 15+ years experience in web design and development of specialized software servicing over 1,000 clients and Fortune 100 brands we can take your brand to the next level. We take a very specific six-step approach to building any project that allows us to control costs while reducing costs.

Web Portfolio - Ventanas Website Design

Website Software Blueprint
Once a discovery has been completed with a concept we can outline a “blueprint” that will contain a full explanation of our findings. What is possible? How can it make money? Can it possibly be underwritten? What is the time frame to show Return on Investment? How much time will be involved with your staff? Approximate costs and timeline to complete the project? All these aspects are important in helping to save time, money and costly mistakes. Once you have a proper discovery and website blueprint you are now ready to build. (Who would construct a house without a blueprint?)

Portfolio - Custom Web Booking Software Development

SEO – Search Engine Optimization
We have participated in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) before many knew what it was. SEO involves creating “strategies and tactics” to help influence search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing’s search placement results. How do you get in the top 5 results for a specific keyword or phrase? SEO helps this process. There are many factors that come in to play: site html mark-up, site structure, tags (Title, Meta and ATL), keyword placement in sites, how other sites link back to you and the words they contain. Over the past decade we have seen many changes in SEO where older tactics could place your website in harm. Now social signals are considered important in a successful SEO campaign. TM has the historic experience to analyze and help outline a strategy to gain the best results from SEO over the long term.

Portfolio - Wine & Spirits Web Design

Social Media & Content Production
It is no longer a factor of participating in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s more about what you are posting, who you are networking or “engaging” with and how those actions result in traffic to your target website, call to a phone, online purchase, booking or a customer filling out a contact form. Social networks are no longer a simple “soap box” to shout out a sales pitch. We are now in a time where creating viable, traceable interactions become part of any marketing campaign. TM has the experience to help you determine which networks to participate in, who to produce content that get’s noticed and how to track the vitality of social media investments.

Cabo Web Design has over a decade utilizing SEM that involves placing your companies products, message and brand in websites and directories like Google, Bing and Facebook online. This involves a number of factors including the type of ad: display, banner, interactive, video in a variety of sizes. Rates depend on site or network and range from fixed placement ($250 per month) to Cost per Click (CPC) that is priced auction style; whomever bids the top amount shows up first. We currently manages $100,000’s of dollars in online SEM spend for our client with great success.

Tattoo Website Design

Website Analytics
Knowing who is visiting your site, where they are coming from- a search engine, advertisement on another site or SEM, and where they go in your site is important information. What are the most popular pages? Do the blogs you write get the traffic they deserve? Why are customers not filling out the contact forms or completing an order? What does all this say about shopping cart abandonment? Trademark understands analytics and how vital of a role they play in how your website works with search engines and customers. We can help better digress the info and explain in a language you can understand.

Copy Writing and Graphic Design
Every good website needs a great logo and copy. The right colors, a design style guide, the right attitude and appropriate sound in an article on your website that really speaks to your customers. TM has over a decade of experience working with some of the largest brands in the world helping to make their brand shine online.

Interested yet to talk? Contact us online or make an appointment to visit us in person in our beautiful Pedregal office in downtown Cabo San Lucas. We’d love to have you as client!

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