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Cabo Autism Services

Autism Friendly Vacation Services in Los Cabos

Cabo autism services for special needs families and caregivers are exclusively provided by Pure Cabo in Baja SUR. Cabo San Lucas and Baja California SUR.  Are you aware that Cabo San Lucas can be a wonderful family vacation destination for those with autism spectrum disorder? Known in Mexico as “autismo”, autism is a family condition that can be very challenging.

Cabo Autism

Cabo Autism Vacation Services – ASD friendly service providers in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Pure Cabo autism understands the challenges and specific requirements that ASD individuals require. Sensory overload and safety are #1 priorities for many families caring for those with autismo in Mexico and beyond.

Vitamin D + Salt

The Baja peninsula is surrounded by the lush salt waters of the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez; full of natural salts and minerals that are required for us to live. The Los Cabos region boasts over 350 days a year of sunshine. Sunshine is one of the purest forms of vitamin D which, many with autism are deficient. Along with the salt from the ocean absorbed through the skin many ASD individuals experience less stimming and relaxation.

Detoxification of Heavy Metals

Most realize that the world we live in today is not the same of our grandparents. Environmental toxins, processed food, and vaccines are sources that many children with genetic predispositions cannot process like others. Many times this leads to toxic metal overloads affecting the nervous system, liver, gut and enters through the brain barrier.

Understanding what metals are in excess and how to rid of them is important for those families with autism. Aside from natural chelation, another source is to help the body cells achieve maximum nutritional and oxygen efficiencies. The use of hyperbaric oxygen chambers therapies (HBOT) with deep pressure can assist in detoxification and assist the natural healing of an autistic child. Our staff knows about both detoxification and HBOT and where in Cabo HBOT is available.

Family Rest & Relaxation

Many families, parents, and siblings endure many daily challenges. Individual sacrifices to cater to, protect, teach and help their family members with autism. These include sleep, nutrition, exercise and respite care. Often times traveling to the grocery store or to a normal restaurant can be a challenge in itself.  Many would never consider an airport trip through security, airplane travel and being in a completely new environment. Breaking the “safe” patterns can be challenging.

Cabo Autism Safety in Mexico

Pure Cabo autismo services help to outline special needs requirements for autism travelers. This includes sensory services, activities and special meals.  Preplanning these contribute to your family creating new memories and also provides the opportunity for some much-needed rest.

Autismo Cabo

Cabo Autismo Services – Family Friendly Vacation Services

From patterns in travel, required ASD items, hotel needs, sensory accommodations to food. We understand and have sources for gluten free, casein free, soy free, nut free and juicing organics and supplements. We also understand the importance of WiFi and an iPad charger.

Pure Cabo has experience in working with hotels, transportation, restaurants and activity providers. We know how to help your ASD family member thrive in Cabo.

There are many wonderful activities in Los Cabos. Exploring the beach horseback, to glass bottom boat rides and amazing encounters with dolphins. Every spectrum individual is unique and we cater to those needs.

Autism Respite Care in Cabo San Lucas

Our staff is trained and prepared for your entire experience. How to care for your special needs family member and provide respite for family members. We’re very knowledgeable in nutrition, sourcing organics, supplements and understanding many aspects of ASD.

Making a family vacation decision is very hard with autism. Pure Cabo can help you make your next vacation together one to remember. Please contact us for a personal consultation to explore all options in visiting Los Cabos, Mexico.




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