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Cabo Doctors

Find Cabo Doctors near you!

HealTech Cabo Doctors On-CallIn Los Cabos and have a minor medical issue or need a doctor to come to your hotel, resort or villa to treat an illness? Need a nurse, an ambulance or lab tests completed? HealTech brings Cabo Doctors and health services to your door step. Integrated medical services provided by highly trained,
bilingual physicians who focus on your well being.

Many call HealTech the “Uber for Doctors.”

HealTech has an App on iTunes and Google Play
so requesting a doctor is at your fingertips for these services:

Medical Care at Home: Doctors travel to your location, providing a more humane and professional treatment

Ultrasound: If you need a radiologist assessment or ultrasound we take the necessary equipment to your location

Laboratory: No more waiting rooms! Our physicians will visit you, collect the necessary samples and send the test results via e-mail

Nursing Care: With a network of registered and professional nurses we provide care services for you or your loved one

Ambulance: For emergencies, we provide ground or air transportation with late model units for comfort and safety

Real Cabo Doctors

HealTech is a growing network of health professionals at your service, with registered physicians all over México and South America, we are the fastest growing doctor’s network.

Cabo Doctors, HealTech


How to schedule a visit with HealTech Doctors?

Simply open up the HealTech app and enter the data according to your immediate health needs. HealTech’s database will provide with a physician that’s closest to you, many times within 30 minutes or less in Cabo San Lucas, the Corridor or San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.

Besides providing medical services in Los Cabos, Mexico, HealTech maintains a network of professionals, who work daily with the highest level of integrity.

HealTech Triage Chart

NOTE: HealTech is NOT an application for severe medical emergencies such as resuscitation, unconsciousness, uncontrolled bleeding, allergic reactions, severe chest pains, respiratory failure or any case where immediate medical attention is required. If you need immediate medical assistance please call 911.

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We Work With: