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Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping Cabo!Bungee Jumping Cabo San Lucas

Cabo's vast selection of activities does not forget the thrill seekers, people who love adrenaline and are always in search of extreme fun. Cabo bungee jumping is one of those thrilling activities.

Our Bungee jump is suspended 300 feet above an impressive canyon just north of Cabo San Lucas. You'll be suspended in a secure platform but, to make things more interesting the floor of the platform is made of glass. Certified instructors prep you with all the safety precautions and equipment, which is inspected daily. After instructions will come your moment of truth, you get to decide if you want to be tied from feet or waist. No matter your choice our instructors have the certification and experience in safely attaching you to the bungee cords.

3, 2, 1, Bungee Jump!

You are all set, feet on the ledge and hands in the air, it's time to jump! Our photographers will make sure to capture this moment for you and additionally we'll have GoPro cameras for rent. This are definitely photos you will want to take home and show all your friends!

This Cabo bungee jumping activity includes round trip transportation from your resort, home or villa location.

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