Heading to Cabo? 4 Things to Keep in Mind When Going Through the Mexican Customs

Your bags are packed, and you are raring to start your trip to the amazing Los Cabos. This top Mexican tourist destination, where the azure seas meet the breathtaking land, boasts of unparalleled beauty. The wide range of amenities and rich biodiversity create an adventure of a lifetime.

But before you can sink your feet into Cabo’s pristine sand, you will have to go through Mexican customs. If you are traveling from the US, you are most likely to arrive at Terminal 2 of Los Cabos International Airport (SJD). To make your customs experience smooth sailing, here are some things you need to remember.

Secure the Necessary Documents


Americans do not need to show their passports to enter Mexico, but they will need it to go back to the US.

United States Passport

Mexican Tourist Card

Also known as a “Forma Migratoria Multiple,” the FMM is a tourist permit that the Mexican customs require all foreign travelers to complete. Although it is available at the SJD Customs, it will save you a lot of time if you secure a copy from an online service and have it stamped upon your arrival. Make sure that you get one copy for each member of your traveling party, including children.

Be Patient with Security Procedures

Los Cabos Airport developed security measures based on years of experience and research. The time you will spend waiting in line at customs will depend on your travel month. Peak season in Los Cabos is between December and April, so prepare to wait for 45 minutes to an hour. For off-peak seasons, you can breeze through customs in as little time as fifteen minutes.

Be prepared for a pat-down search and a screening of your carry-on luggage. Be sure not to bring any prohibited items that will make your customs stay longer than usual. Just be calm and patient, and the process will be done faster than expected.

Do Not bring Prohibited Items

For a hassle-free vacation, make sure that you or any member of your traveling party do not carry the following items:

Prohibited Drugs

You may not bring several types of over-the-counter medicines to Mexico. It is illegal to bring commonly-used medication in the US, including allergy and sinus medications, inhalers, and any products that contain stimulants.

Visitors are also prohibited from bringing in cannabis products in any form, even if you have a medical marijuana card with you. Even CBD products that do not contain THC are prohibited from entering the country.

Cannabis flower in packaging
Bring your buddies but leave your buds at home.

Although you may bring a copy of a prescription or a doctor’s letter, authorities may still arrest you for carrying such substances. There are drugstores in the airport where you can buy your medications if needed. Do not take the risk and completely follow this vital regulation.

Do not attempt to bring in any illegal drugs to Mexico. Customs have a zero-tolerance policy on any kind or amount of illegal substances. Severe fines or imprisonment await those who break this law.

Firearms and Other Weapons

Leave your firearms, knives, and switchblades at home since they are all strictly prohibited in Mexico.

Book Your Airport Transportation in Advance

There is a wide range of transportation options that will bring you from SJD Airport to Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo. Make sure that you book them before your arrival to avoid any inconveniences and long waits under the hot Cabo sun.

The most recommended form of airport transfer service is through a private airport transportation provider. Many licensed providers can accommodate a small family or a large group.

There are also shuttle services and motor coach buses that you share with other passengers. These types of transportation make frequent stops to drop-off passengers on your way to your destination.

Enjoy Los Cabos

To enjoy all the fantastic things Cabo has to offer, heed these four simple tips by heart. You will be well on your way to a trip of a lifetime – and make sure you wear sunscreen!


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