Going to Cabo Soon?  Here is a Cabo Weather Guide to Paradise

Cabo San Lucas, famously known as “Cabo,” is one of Mexico’s top tourist destinations. With its sparkling blue ocean and rich flora and fauna, this tropical paradise has so much to offer. Here is our Cabo Weather Guide to help you determine when the temperature will match your flavor!

Cabo Weather Guide Scuba DiveNow that you have decided to check Cabo off your bucket list, you need to carefully plan your vacation around the destination’s weather and water temperature to make the most out of the activities. By knowing what to expect, you would be able to prepare your travel arsenal. The contents of your suitcase and the list of things to do would depend on the weather.

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Cabo San Lucas is generally blessed with excellent weather all year round. Its arid climate renders it to be humid, but it never reaches intolerable levels. With a nice pair of shades and a sunblock, you will always be good to go.

The following guide will allow you to determine the best time for you to enjoy the spectacular ocean and exhilarating life in Cabo San Lucas.

January to March

The first quarter of the year is famous for those who want to escape the winter chill and spring breakers. The temperature may start at 78 Fahrenheit in January and gradually increases to 82F by the end of March. With a sky that stays mostly clear, you will able to shoot beautiful photographs of the horizon.

It may get humid at times, but the gentle breeze will allow you to enjoy a day at the beach or your favorite local bar, margaritas in hand. There is almost no chance of rain, so you can spend most of the day frolicking under the sun. This is the best time to enjoy one of the many Cabo water activities available.

The water is perfect for paddleboarders since it remains calm. But for surfers who are looking for good swells, the Pacific Ocean is the place to bring out your surfboard.

April – May

Cabo Weather Guide SurfingAs summer approaches, temperatures rise, and the sky becomes clearer. The level of hotness reaches to about 93.2F to 96F. However, you can expect cooler evenings with temperatures reaching about 64F. There is still humidity in the atmosphere interspersed with some dry days. Expect to be lulled during your afternoon siesta with a moderate breeze.

There is also zero possibility of rain so you can enjoy hiking, horseback riding, and sunbathing without worry.

June- August

The peak summer months would be the best time to perfect that hang ten as this is the peak surfing season. The big waves may be perfect for surfers, but those looking for a nice swim should choose calmer areas.

Water is at its warmest during these times, and the atmosphere is drier than it is humid. A day in the pool may be a good idea if you are not much into surfing.

September – October

These months are the best time to bring out your fishing gear. This period is known to have the most bites among all the months in a year. The weather tends to get very hot, so if you are not into marine sports, this is the best time to relax in the comforts of a spa.

Water is still hot so you may want to dip your toes first before coming in. There is a chance for thunderstorms, so make sure you get a luxurious villa where you can revel in comfortable sheets while watching the rain from your window.

November – December

The air becomes more comfortable during these months. The air feels dry with some humid moments, but you can enjoy dancing at one of the clubs at night without breaking a sweat. Water temperature also drops so you can go for a refreshing swim or catch tuna or marlin.

Cabo San Lucas is a paradise all year round.  With this guide, you can align your trip with the activities and sights that you want to see and experience.


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