Cabo Flight Times From the United States

Knowing your flight Time for reaching your destination is always smart when booking your next trip, especially when heading to the snow-white beaches and bright blue skies of Cabo San Lucas.

A popular tourist destination, as well as the third busiest city in Mexico, Cabo’s main attractions include the village Todos Santos, Cabo Pulmo, a stunning paradise of a beach, and the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, a landmark of rock formations that breaks out from the sea close to the tip of the Baja Peninsula. 

How Long Does It Take to Fly From LAX to Cabos? 

Firstly, this should be used as a guide. It can’t, of course, factor in unknown variables that can delay you, like plane and airport technicalities or weather problems. 

When flying from Los Angeles to Cabos San Lucas, you are looking at a 922-mile trip. That means a non-stop flight should be around 2 hours and 30 minutes. If you are looking for a way to cut costs and book a 1-stop ticket, it can easily take around 6- 7 hours. 

The LAX airport offers free Wi-Fi and water-bottle filling stations inside each terminal, so if you need to wait a while, you can keep yourself entertained and nicely hydrated. 

Cabo Airport VIP Fast Track

How Long Does It Take to Fly From SEA to Cabos? 

For an 1841-mile trip to Cabo from Seattle (SEA), an average flight would take around 4 hours and 15 minutes in total. It can also take an extra 30 minutes for both the take-off and the landing. It all depends on the wind speeds. 

The SEA Airport offers a children’s play area, charging stations, Wi-Fi, luggage carts and storage areas for bags as well as smoking areas. 

How Long Does It Take to Fly From DFW to Cabos? 

If you are from Dallas, it is around 3 hours for a non-stop flight. The flight distance between the two are 1837 miles in total. Again, if you choose a cheaper flight with a transfer, it can be significantly longer. 

Within the terminals, you will have access to Wi-Fi, a DFW shuttle tracker, shopping and dining services as well as traveler lounges. 

Final Tips

Remember to take into account and plan any potential delays. Although the flight itself is relatively predictable, the delays you might have at both airports can soon bump up the time you take to get there and drop off those bags by another hour or two. 

We’ve all been there, but the good news is there are some easy ways to reduce the potential delays at Cabo airport, having factored in the final flight time.

For example, Cabo Airport VIP lets you skip the customs line in Cabo Airport, which is ideal in tourist season when everything will be significantly slower. You can also book our transportation service, where we are already waiting for you at the airport and ready to take you to your destination in Cabos, wherever that may be! 

If you are traveling as a family, then you might want to consider baby gear rental. Or, if you want a planned and safe trip with the aid of experienced help, our private concierge can give you peace of mind. 


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