Is the Baja “Tourism Tax” Mandatory?

Beginning November 9, 2019, all tourists visiting the Mexican state of Baja California Sur (BCS) will be asked to give 350 pesos (around $18.50 USD) to a newly-established Fund for a Sustainable Baja California Sur. The fund will support the cost of infrastructure maintenance and social service work, according to the Mexican state.

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As Los Cabos sees more and more annual visitors, the state is finding ways to keep up with the increased used of infrastructure.

BCS isn’t the only Mexican region to charge a “tourist tax,” nor is it the only tourism destination to impose additional charges on tourists. Popular travel destinations like Amsterdam and Venice charge similar taxes to tourists vacationing in their city. As destinations see more and more annual visitors, issues like overcrowding and strain on infrastructure also arise.

While the news originally reported this fee as a mandatory tax, local officials have clarified that it will be voluntary due to the inability to enforce collection. Although this tax is not currently enforceable, it is entirely likely that it will become mandatory in the future.

Where Can I Pay the Cabo Tourism Tax?

Airport Kiosks

For travellers arriving by air, airport kiosks will be available to pay the optional fee upon entry. As of November 7, 2019, the kiosks are not yet ready.

Sea Ports

The Mexican Port Authority will be responsible for collection of the optional fee.

Hotels & Accommodation

Hotels and other accommodations will also be able to collect the fee from visitors.

Website & Mobile App

Some news outlets have reported that there will be a website and/or online app where tourists can pay the optional fee.

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