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Cabo Resources

Cabo San Lucas Resources

We created this page to help you quickly find and experience what you want to in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del’ Cabo and the entire Baja region. Do you have any suggestions to add or edits? Please email them to dwight {@} purecabo.com.

┬áSea Watch – great site about the conservation efforts of private citizens of the Sea of Cortez. They monitor and report on destructive activities in the region and how to help make changes.

Fishing Charters – World Wide directory of fishing charters and guides for fresh and salt waters. Find a local guide for your next fishing trip.

Long Term Rentals in Cabo – Contact Baja Selections and talk to Jodi Asher. She is a great English-speaking local that can find you a short or long term rental in and around Cabo.

Cabo Coffee – One of the best places to get a good espresso or cup of coffee in downtown Cabo San Lucas. Grab a bag of their organic whole beans to take home, you’ll be happy you did!

GoPro – If you are going to come to Cabo bring one and capture some great moments of the family, friends or fish.

U.S. Embassies in Baja SUR – never know when you might need this information!

Baja Website Design – where do you go to get a website or online marketing done in Cabo by a trusted company? Look no further, this American-based company with a location in the Pedregal.

U.S. Border Crossing info – With more and more people crossing the border it is important to know what you can and cannot do. The Mexican government isn’t too forgiving and it’s best to be armed with knowledge.

South Dakota Plates – Why get a South Dakota plate in Cabo? Why do you see them everywhere? Read up….

U.S. Los Cabo Schooling – If you are looking to place your child in a good school that has international standards, accepts and transfers credits to US schools and teaches both Spanish and English then check out Colegio el Camino.

5 Star La Paz Resort & Golf– Go to Costa Baja by the Pedregal in La Paz. Great location and amenities.

VisitMexico.com – What do they say about what to do in Los Cabos?

Flora Farm – beautiful, 10-acre farm and restaurant with all organic products. Amazing place to visit with a group.

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We Work With: