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Tropical Storm Cabo San Lucas Lidia Video

Cabo San Lucas Lidia

On August 31st, 2017 Tropical Storm, Cabo San Lucas Lidia unleashed a fury of water and winds on Los Cabos, Baja California SUR. Officially Tropical Storm Lidia was a tropical cyclone that produced flooding in Baja California Peninsula and parts of western Mexico. The storm intensified while moving generally northward or northwestward, peaking with maximum sustained winds of 65 mph (100 km/h) later that day. On September 1, Lidia made landfall in Mexico near Puerto Chale, Baja California Sur, at peak intensity. The storm weakened while traversing the peninsula, ultimately emerging over the Pacific Ocean on September 3, where the storm degenerated into a remnant low, which dissipated six hours later. Heavy precipitation was also reported in northwestern Mexico, with nearly 12 in (300 mm) of rain observed in San Jose del Cabo.

Los Cabos Tropical Storm in Cabo San Lucas Lidia

Now 5 days after Lidia the region, mainly Cabo San Lucas who were hit hard with the amount of water and mudslides has a lot of cleaning up. Notably, the main Medano Beach Arroyo (dry riverbed) was extended out into the Sea of Cortez and developed new surf breaks. The main highway between Walmart and Costco received much mud and water that required cleaning to make passable.

Tropical Storm Lidia has been compared to Hurricane Odile of 2014 which was a Category 4 hurricane. This time it was more rain, some 12-24″ in places that dropped on the southern Baja in less than 24 hours causing major water, mud and debris to flood and spread.

Cabo is in the process of cleaning up now, and within a week should be back to normal.

Tropical Storm Lidia Cabo Pictures

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